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Addition facts that combine to equal 10 .

Our number system is built on 10. Naturally, it is important for kids to quickly name combinations of numbers that equal 10. Trust me on this one, the pay off is huge down the road.

1. While driving give your child a single digit number and see if he/she can find a number outside that when added to the number you chose it will be ten. They can look at road signs, license plates, addresses, mailboxes, etc. To make it more interesting, you could play a game where everyone in the car races to find number combinations that equal 10. For example, I see a 4 on the speed limit sign and a 6 on a licence plate-that is 10- I get a point. Each person keeps track of their points. Sometimes if each person gets 10 more points we go out for ice cream!

2. Play Slap 10 with a deck of cards. You can play cards at home or on the go. I carry a small deck in my purse so that if we have to wait a long time somewhere, we can play. Divide the cards evenly. Each person turns over one card at a time. If the two cards equal 10, the first player to slap the cards wins those two cards. If the cards do not equal 10, each player sets his card aside to be used in the next round. The player with the most cards in a certain time limit wins.

We love "Slap 10" it is really simple and quick. The kids and I play it anywhere. Last month, we went to our towns' parade, we sat on our blanket and started playing this card game and a few others on your site. We missed the main part of the parade because we were having so much fun! Can you believe it?


1st grade students focus on understanding this concept and visually seeing how these numbers combine.

2nd grade students should be able to answer Make Ten math facts using a strategy that works for them.

3rd Grade students are expected to master these facts. Mastery means they can answer in 3 seconds or less and be accurate.

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