Addition Games

These addition games will build true math understanding.

Count forward and backward 1-100- PART 1

(Counting is developmental please read both part 1 and 2 for full understanding)

FYI: Counting objects in a row is not all there is to counting. Kids need to develop good strategies for keeping track of what objects they have counted in many other situations. This is a very important skill.

Have your child count everyday. Count anything! But...count in different ways. Your child will have to know how to count and organize while they are counting, try this:

1.Counting objects in a circle.
Your child might drag object in the shape of a circle while counting. Ask them, how do you remember where you started? (e.g.: "I keep a finger of my left hand on the starting object and point at the other objects in one-to-one correspondence with my right hand").

2.Counting a pile of objects.
Your child might make groups then add groups together to count the objects. Ask: How do you remember which ones you have counted? (e.g.: "I move them across to the other side of the table one by one").

3.Counting moving objects.
How do you know which ones you have counted? (perfect for when you are on the go). Have your child explain their strategy.

4. Think about the size of a number.
How many is 25 or 50? Count the number of stairs in a staircase. You can do this backward and forward. For example: find the 17th stair, now jump to the 5th stair, take baby steps to the 10th stair,etc.

Some kids find it extremely difficult to coordinate walking up or down stairs while reciting the numbers. They made need repeated practice.

5. Estimating and checking
Now you see me....Now you don't: Put some objects in a bag counting them out aloud one by one as you put them in. Have your child pick up a handful of objects from the table. They guess how many they have in their hand and then count them. Now calculate how many counters would be in the bag, if they put their handful in as well. They must work out a way to find the total without looking into the bag. My children love to fill the bag and ask me to add the objects!

Count forward and backward 1-100 Part 2

Build a good foundation by playing addition games and your will know their addition facts FOR LIFE!

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