Addition Games and Activities

Addition Games:

Count and write up to 1000:

FYI: Kids have to be experts at counting in order to master their addition facts. Some kids still confuse 'teen' numbers. For example, when counting aloud by ones from 12 to 20, some kids might say: twelve, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety. There is often a slight hesitation before the student says twenty or one hundred.

FYI AGAIN: Kids don’t know a lot about place value at this time (24 is made of 2 tens and 4 ones). Just keep pluggin' away playing addition games- DON'T WORRY THIS IS NORMAL!

1. Use a 100 chart. Start at different numbers and count. Tell your child to find specific numbers,look for patterns. We put ours in our bathroom and count while we are brushing our teeth, flossing, etc.

Addition Games Tool: 100 chart

2. You can make a 1000 chart with your child. Just cut and paste it together. Put it somewhere that you will have access to so you can find numbers, patterns, play games,etc (This tool will eventually help your child make sense of addition facts). You will notice that this website also has a 1000 chart on 3 pages (a little cutting and pasting), there are tons of addition games you can play with it.

3. Count and write the matching number repeatedly. It is good to know that you can start anywhere, counting to 1000 takes a while. Once you child can count to 100 you can count to 150...and then later 550-600. Once kids understand the number patterns it will be easy! They will be on their way to knowing their addition facts.

Addition Games Tool: 1000 chart (cut and paste)

4. Write a few numbers at a time, once kids get the pattern they will breeze through it. A handy trick is to teach your child that numbers are huge “copy cats”. For example, 1,2,3,4,5.….then. 12,13,14,15.….then 22,23,24,25...see how they copy each other?

5. Count Everywhere: count in the car, doctor's office, whisper count,etc. Write the numbers in the air, on each others arm, in the dirt, etc.

6. What comes next? before?: If you and your child see a number when your out and about whisper what number comes next and shout what number comes before.
*Don't beat a dead horse: you can just don't have to write the numbers every time*

Build a good foundation by playing addition games and your will know their addition facts FOR LIFE!

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