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Know that Fact families that are related to addition and subtraction

FYI: In order for kids to be able to calculate numbers it is essential that children recognize that addition facts are communicative. For example, 3 + 6 is the same as 6 + 3. They should be able find the total by counting on from the larger number. So they calculate 3 + 6 not by counting (3), 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9 but by switching to 6 + 3 and counting (6), 7, 8, 9.

Your child might understand the idea of a fact family, but very few children use fact families as a strategy to figure out other problems. They need a little help getting use to thinking backwards.

Here are some of what I consider the "cream of the crop" fact family activities which could also be considered addition games:

1. Use the Fact Family Story:

This little story will really hit the idea of "Fact Families" home!

Get your own free copy:

Matching Fact Family Equations -Click to download the PDF

Fact Family Story- Click to download the PDF

2. Use the face of a domino and add the total up right to left then left to right.

3. Draw groups of numbers that you are adding ( 5 bugs and 4 butterflies). Kids will notice it doesn't matter what order they are in it still is the same amount. Cover up groups of the pictures or arrangements of materials, and ask the related subtraction facts ( if you have 9 ladybugs and butterflies, if 5 are ladybugs, how many butterflies?).

4. Crazy Math Mom Addition Games Favorite: Race fact families. While we are driving down the road one of us will say an addition fact: "7 + 3= 10" and who ever completes the fact family wins ( they will say 3+7=10, 10-7=3, 10-3=10). Better yet we love to get our numbers from signs we pass. Speed limit sign of 35, means 3, 5, 8 are the numbers we race with.

5. Dice- roll two dice and write/say as many facts as they can using the two numbers rolled.

Note: You can help make connections by saying :"2 + 1 = 3" - This means that if there are 2 spots showing on one die and 1 spot showing on the other, there are 3 spots showing altogether. Try this: "3 - 2 = 1" - This means that if there are 3 spots showing altogether, and there are 2 spots showing on one of the die, then there must be 1 spot showing on the other.

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