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Monthly Math Challenge with Crazy Math Mom, Issue #002- Creating a Study Space
September 07, 2012
Crazy Math Mom

September 2012

Monthly Math Challenge for September:

Creating a functional study space WITH your child for maximum academic success!

Your Action Plan:

Before you start: Read “ 5 Myths about Homework Time”

1. Find 2 good spots for studying. Both spots have to work both for you and your child. (Experiment with a few spots to see which ones work best) (See Myth #1).

2. Talk about it with your child/ think about colors and designs that are inviting for their study space. What are your child’s favorite colors? Do they have any pictures or projects they are proud of that they want to put up in their study space? Where should you hang a calendar to keep track of important dates? (See Myth #3 and #5)

3. Make 2-3 Study Burritos (see Myth #2) Spend some time thinking about how to store and keep supplies organized. Children need easy access to their materials and a way to keep them fairly organized, so you are not buying new supplies each week. Over the years I have experimented with so many ideas for keeping supplies neat and orderly; I finally found it. We created the “Study Burrito”. You and your child can make them out of duct tape. Download complete directions below. There are so many cool kinds of duct tape available; your child can really personalize it. It holds crayons, markers, pencils, eraser, glue sticks. There are separated pockets with a closure. This means your child has to put the materials back in specific pockets each time they use it. It also looks cool, which encourages kids to use it! (See Myth #2)

Duct Tape 101 Download
Study Burrito Download

4. Help your child design their own study space (it will create a true sense of ownership). Make it personal and let them choose colors, designs, etc. This year we used an old desk from the thrift store and fun duct tape to really give it style. Decide there the supplies, projects, paper, etc. will be kept. Be sure to label where supplies are stored,we used duck tape to make our labels. (See myth #3 and #4)

Your off to a great year! You have created a "Study Haven" with your child.

Sincerely, The Crazy Math Mom

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Coming in October:

Lunch Notes that inspire great mathematical thinking!

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