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Monthly Math Challenge with Crazy Math Mom, Issue #4- Bed Time Math Stories
November 04, 2012
Crazy Math Mom

November 2012

Monthly Math Challenge for November :

Overwhelming research in the last 35 years confirms that, reading to children has a direct relationship to a child's ability to read.

So..what about math?

November's Math Challenge is to read 2 Bedtime Math Stories a week to your children. This special math time before bed will increase your child's mathematical literacy.

Follow these guidelines:

1. Read the Math Stories when you want to ..... it is not official..only FUN.

2. These math stories encourage mental math, but there is no rule that says you can't use objects, paper, or pencil. Walk though the problems step by step..wrestle through the problem with your child.

3. If you have several children doing the problems you may want to give each child different numbers.

4. Make it up as you go along!

Download your Bed Time Math Stories PDF's and get started:

Download Grades K-2 Bed Time Math Stories
Download Grades 3-5 Bed Time Math Stories

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Coming in December: Building Math Confidence through immediate feedback!

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