Building Math Muscles: Book One

Building Math Muscles: Book One is the first of four parent- child workbooks. This workbook promises to create a true understanding of our number system. 

Parent-Child Workbook

What is it?

This workbook is unique because it combines: PARENT( a child's # 1 teacher), CHILD, and  HIGH QUALITY INSTRUCTION.  Traditional workbooks are great for practicing math facts. However if a child hasn't developed required skills, these workbooks force your child to use inefficient ways (counting fingers) to arrive at an answer.  In addition, traditional workbooks fall short of teaching the actual concepts and skills your child needs to develop number sense. Children who have developed number sense will develop highly efficient strategies to solve math problems.

 How does it work?

This parent-child workbook contains 11 specific goals;  each goal builds upon each other to create a solid foundation in basic math facts. Children will build number sense step-by-step based on their individual development.  In order to accomplish each goal children will develop strategies that work best for them. They will develop these strategies through playing goal-focused, engaging games with a parent.  After children develop solid strategies they practice with those strategies. Finally, they show what they know with pencil and paper.  Child will record the goals they met as they accomplish them. 

What if the child gets it?

As parent and child work together to accomplish goals they can work at a pace that is right for them.

Each goal has many games/activities to teach skills and concepts. If your child has no problems with the first couple of games/activities then quickly work through to accomplish the goal. Although, it may seem easy to skip goals entirely, it is not recommended. Each goal develops essential skills for future learning. SO, even if it is easy, at least complete the practice strategies and show what you know section.

What if the child doesn't get it?

As a parent and child work together to accomplish goals they can work at a pace that is right for them. If the games/activities and practice seem difficult, parents can slow down and spend more time on that particular goal.  It is important to slow down enough to accomplish each goal.

The time to help your child is NOW. Do not wait any longer. You can fill those learning gaps...and teach your child their math facts.


This is a digital book, it can be downloaded on any computer device. 

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