5th Grade Math Multiplication Facts

If your child does not have a specific 5th grade math skill below, click on a specific multiplication skill for ideas to teach your child. Teaching ideas are for busy parents to integrate throughout the day.

Know and be able to figure out all multiplication problems to 30. (example: 22x 8 = 178 or 18x12 = 216).

Know and be able to figure out how to multiply powers of ten, 10, 100, 1000 (320 x 1000).

Choose an appropriate strategy and equation for story problems.

Explain written equations and how they arrived at an answer.
For example, 53x31.... I will multiply 50 x 30 = 1500 and 3 x 30 = 90, then add 1500 + 90 = 1590. Next I will multiply 53 x 1 and get 53. I will add 1590 + 53 = 1643.


Dear Parent,

In order for children to be successful in the completion of tasks that involve multi-digit multiplication/division, they must be proficient at working through single-digit multiplication/division tasks.

5th grade math will expect your child to be able to use a strategy to break these problems apart and quickly get an answer.

One example:
25x16....Okay I am going to break this problem up into 2 parts. I will take 25x10 ( I pulled the 6 out of 16 so I have friendly ten to work with)... I know that 10 eats what ever number it is multiplied by so that is 250. Now I am left with 6 so I have 25x 6. I have a few choices. I can think of 25 as quarters (4 quarters make 100) so I have 150... or I can break it up into two problems: 20x6 and 6x5, add the products and get 150. I am now ready to add my 250 and my 150 for 400.

Multi-digit multiplication and division are more complex from single-digit multiplication and division because you put your knowledge of basic facts into multiple steps. This will be true as your child progresses through upper level mathematics. With a good knowledge of basic facts your child won't have nearly as many hurdles to jump through.

Knowing the multiplication facts and computing efficiently are very important goals inn 5th grade math, but a deeper conceptual view of multiplication is essential. This “deeper conceptual view of multiplication”, can be achieved by connecting algorithms and basic facts to the real world situations that they represent.

You deserve a pat on the back!

Yours Truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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