5th Grade Math Addition Facts

If your child does not have a specific 5th grade math skill below, click on a specific addition skill for ideas to teach your child. Teaching ideas are for busy parents to integrate throughout the day.


Be able to answer addition problems (unlimited digits) in algorithm form with speed and accuracy.

Choose an appropriate strategy and equation for story problems.

Explain written equation and how they got their answer(example: 736 + 419; I started at 736 and counted up by 4 hundreds, 1 tens, and 9 ones to get the answer, 1155).

Dear Parent,

The theme for 5th grade math is efficiency, computation and algorithms. Huh? you may ask. Well, let me translate for you: all your hard work for the last 4 or 5 years pays off here. In fifth grade your child should be able to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in algorithm form (ex: 9 x 7 , 42 + 36 , 72 - 14 ).

An algorithm is any series of steps which, if followed properly, always yield a correct result. There are many ways to add, subtract, divide, and multiply that meet this definition.

Children gain valuable confidence and insight when permitted to explore algorithms they invent. Each child will have different strategies that work best for them. A given approach may be more useful for this problem or that one.The key is to accurately and quickly use a strategy that gives an answer.

Although you probably learned only one algorithm for each kind of arithmetic, it is important that you support your child’s use of many. In fact, if you closely observe your own computations in a variety of real-life settings — counting change, making estimates, balancing your checkbook, etc. You will probably find that you use different algorithms at different times, and some of them are probably your own inventions.

The key is to be flexible with your child.

Yours Truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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