3rd Grade Math
Subtraction Facts

If your child does not have a specific 3rd grade math skill below, click on a specific subtraction fact skill for ideas to teach your child.

Count forward and backwards 1-1000

Know and explain where the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place is up to 9999

Know how to break numbers apart into hundreds, tens, and ones to 100 (example: 240 is 24 tens)

Subtract facts from 1 to 100.

Use these strategies:

Subtract 0 (10-0 =10)

Counting back by 1,2,or 3 ( 6-2 =4)

Twins (5-5 =0)

Neighbors (6-5 =1)

Friendly Ten ( 17-9=16; make 9 into 10 and add the leftovers)

Half facts(10-5 =5)

Think Addition if 8+2=10 then, 10-2=8

Teen Trick 13-3=10; 17-7=10

Answer/ create subtraction story problems (example: 40 kids and 12 kids got lost, how many? 40- 12 = 28 left).

Use fact families to figure out addition/subtraction problems (example: If 10-4=6 then 6+4=10).

Understand that subtraction is not communicative ( 12-3 is not the same as 3-12).

Dear Parents,

3rd grade math focuses on continuing to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, while developing strategies for subtracting numbers with multiple digits. In 3rd grade math, children are taught multiple strategies for answering subtraction facts. These strategies are proven to increase math understanding. This allows them to choose from a repertoire of strategies as they continue to practice subtraction in 4th grade and beyond.

Your child will begin subtracting larger numbers which involves regrouping....this is when you “borrow 1 from the next number to make the other number bigger”....remember learning that? AHHH! Today kids still regroup but they are asked understand what they are actually doing when they “regroup”. This is part of that “New Math” that is also so confusing for us parents. After all, we all learned the old fashioned way...so why is there a new way?

Think of it this way......... children are asked to demonstrate that they truly understand (this is a new concept). That means they can't robotically answer a problem. This is important because our world has changed, there is a need for us to perform more mental math and more complex problems. Good news......as parents we can show our children how to understand numbers. Yes, even you can! Using a thousand chart, hundreds chart, and/or a number line is the best way to teach subtraction with large numbers. This website will show you how.

Prepare for a bright future.

Yours Truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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