3rd Grade Math
Division Facts

Dear Parents,
We use division every single day. As parents we can begin to become more aware of when we are using division facts. If we become more aware of how often we use division throughout the day we can bring it to our child's attention, helping them with math. 
Division is an important operation we use in handling numbers. At times we need to split a large quantity into smaller groups (for example, we may divide 156 apples into bags of 12) or we need to divide a certain quantity equally (such as dividing an inheritance of $150,000 among 5 siblings). Division is also used to find the average of a set of numbers....especially useful in finding average grades or scores. You might need to use division to split money you've made, or make sure everyone gets a piece of cake. 
Next time your eating dinner think about all the opportunities you have to point out division. For example: there are 4 people at the dinner table and 12 rolls...how many could each of us have? OR there are 5 hamburgers....how many are leftover? what should we do with the leftovers? My kids once used green beans to write a division problem on their plate. Every once and a while I do let my kids play with food! Not only does it help your child understand the concept of division it is great dinner table talk.
You may want to refresh yourself with these division terms: 

Dividend is the quantitiy to be divided.

Divisor is the number by which the dividend is to be divided, or the number of parts into which the dividend is to be divided.

The quotient is the result.

Your child can master 3rd grade math division!
Yours Truly,
The Crazy Math Mom 
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