3rd Grade Math
Addition Facts

Click on a specific addition skill for games/activities that build 3rd grade math skills.

Count fluently forward and backwards 1-1000

Know and explain where the ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands place is up to 9999.

Know how to break numbers apart into thousands, hundreds, tens, and ones. (example: 240 is 24 tens).

Add facts from 0 to 100

WARNING: The following strategies must be mastered if they are not already:

1. Add 0 (5+0 =5)

2. Counting on by 1,2, or 3 ( 5+2=7)

3. Doubles (5+5 = 10)

4. Neighbors OR Close to Doubles (6+5 +11)

5. Make Ten (3 + 7= 10; 4 + 6 = 10)

6. Compensation with 8 and 9

( 9+3=12- borrow one from the 3 to make 9 and 10 then add the left over 2).

7. Run Away 1's

Answer/create addition story problems.

(example: 40 kids and 12 dogs, how many? 40+12 = 52)

Use fact families to figure out addition/subtraction problems

(example: If 10-4=6 then 6+4=10.)

Use the communicative property to solve more equations.

Dear Parent,

3rd grade is a beacon year for addition facts, it is the bridge from simple computation to more complex skills. These skills will continue to be used moving forward from there-- a child can't do algebra if he doesn't have a firm grasp on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Basic Math Facts (addition,subtraction, multiplication,and division)are now essential. Your child will need practice with math facts so that they can progress from using various counting strategies to the desired end result of having instant recall and mastery of basic math facts.

Check out this very motivating research that parents should be aware of:

Educators and Cognitive Psychologists agree that the "ability to recall basic math facts fluently is necessary for students to attain higher-order math skills" (Whitehurst, 2003).

Recent research in cognitive science, using MRI's, has revealed the actual shift in brain activation patterns as untrained math facts are learned" (Delazer et al., 2003).

Instruction and practice cause math fact processing to move from a quantitative area of the brain to one related to automatic retrieval (Dehaene, 2003).

3rd grade math addition facts need to be mastered. It is inspiring to know what a difference that parents can make in our child's life.

Your Truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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