2nd Grade Math

If your child does not have a specific 2nd grade math skill below, click on a specific multiplication skill for ideas to teach your child.

Write and solve repeated addition (2+2+2+2 =8).

Put in order, count, and make groups by 10's, 100's, 1000. (example: 200 is 20 groups of ten).

Count by 2's,4's 5's, and 10's to 1000 starting at any given number.

Dear Parent,

One of the most important tools in math, (not limited to 2nd grade math) and especially useful in learning multiplication facts, is the 100 chart.

Many parents are not familiar with the power of this chart. Sit down for a moment or two with your child and look at a 100's chart. What patterns do you notice? Even as an adult I find it interesting. There is power in really knowing and seeing the patterns that are there, and there are many! In my home my elementary age children have a 100 chart in their room. We use it to solve problems that come up throughout the day.

For example, when I was working with a student on 2nd grade math multiplication facts. She explained that each side of the house had 19 legos. Of course, my math mind began turning....I asked her how many Legos it took to build the house all together. She started thinking..." there are 4 sides".....I asked her if she wanted to use a tool to help her. She picked up a 100's chart and pointed to 19 then counted 19 more spaces, one at a time, then another 19, and another; she landed on 76. She said 76 Legos in all. I asked her if she knew any other way to figure out how many Legos in all? She said she could add 19+19+19+19 or 20+20+20+20 then,take away 4. This 2nd grader is learning the relationship between addition and multiplication, she is learning number patterns/systems which extend beyond 2nd grade math.

I've found that most kids who have difficulties in math, haven't been given enough practice and/or time to build a solid mathematical foundation; they've been convinced that they are not smart enough to do math. Keep in mind that every child needs a different amount practice and time. As parents, we are lucky because we have more time in comparison with a classroom teacher. We can take advantage of small moments and work on concepts that seem a bit simple, but reinforce and build on the basic skills. Your child's confidence will soar as he/she successfully learns skills that build an understanding of multiplication facts.

Stay in tune with your child..it will pay off!

Yours truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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