2nd Grade Math
Division Facts

If your child does not have a specific 2nd grade math skill below, click on a specific division fact skill for ideas to teach your child.

Describe simple fractions 1/2, 1/3, 1/4; explain that these are parts of a whole.

Recognize that division is: putting things into groups (for example, dividing 40 by 4 is really just breaking apart 40 into 4 equal groups).

Understand and use words like: quarters, thirds, halves.

Dear Parent,

Although conventional division is fairly light in 2nd grade ...the concept of division is being formed at this point.

When I talk with kids about division I use different words for "division". For many children it's the vocabulary that slows them down, not the concept. Words like "dividing", "grouping", "sharing" are much friendlier than "division".

As parents, we can point out times that you have a need for making groups and label it as "dividing", "grouping", or "sharing". For example, there are 6 kids going to the party and we have 2 cars each with 5 seats. How many kids will go in each car? How many seats will be left over? Just involving your children in these simple problem solving activities will help your child develop a concept of division that will be refined later!

You can start now by using division vocabulary with your child. Use words like "halves," "thirds," and "quarters". These words are frequently confusing -- but an important part of division. You can make connections between fractions and division when you give directions such as, "Put these toys into two groups. That means, divide them in half."

If you talk to your 2nd grader about how division is used in real life, they will be miles ahead as they progress in division.

Yours Truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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