2nd Grade Math
Addition Facts

Addition Facts
*If your child does not have a specific 2nd grade math skill below, click a specific addition skill for games/activities to teach your child. If your child knows the skills, please move onto 3rd grade addition.

Use these strategies to write /solve all addition facts between 1 and 20:

The following strategies must be mastered by 3rd grade:

 Know what fact families are and explain how addition and subtraction are related     (example: If 10-4=6 then 6+4=10).

Understand and explain the "commutative property"                                                          (ex. 5+2=7, 2+5=7- explain that the order doesn't matter)                                          

Write and solve addition story problems using the strategies above

If you don't associate positive feelings with math don't let your child see that. I didn't develop a love for math until my first child started struggling and I began researching how to learn math. I learned what was missing from both of our understandings of the number system. Now we love math! You can too!

When you enjoy something it isn't work..it fun!

Yours Truly,     The Crazy Math Mom

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