1st Grade Math
Subtraction Facts

1st Grade Math subtraction facts include these skills:                                                        *If your child does not have a specific 1st grade math skill below, click on a specific subtraction fact skill for math games/activities to teach your child.

Count and write numbers to 1000.

Count forward and backward: 1-100 (Part 1)

Count forward and backward: 1-100 (Part 2)

Write/Solve subtraction facts, subtracting 0,1,2,3 from 1-10.  (ex. 6-2= 4, 5-1= 6)

Answer problems in which you take away groups to make less /write matching equation.     (ex. 20 pencils, take away 5 and you have 15, 20-5 =15).

Recognize patterns like 11,9,7.

Be aware of fact families and that they are related to subtraction (ex. 5+2=7-5=2, 7-2 =5).

Be aware that the commutative property does not work with subtraction.

Dear Parent,                                                                                                                                      Subtraction is a very difficult concept to understand. Many argue that it is more difficult than multiplication and division. Children find addition easier and more natural than subtraction.                                                                                                                            Why is subtraction difficult in first and second grade? Subtraction is more difficult than addition because it involves a thinking backward action that is a secondary skill to thinking forward (Piaget 1980). Once children's knowledge of a addition fact is solid, the related subtraction is easier for them.                                                                  Children continue to find subtraction difficult despite the use of time-honored practices, do not pressure your child to be fluent in subtraction until he/she becomes fluent in addition. Pressuring a child, especially at this age will backfire and create negative feelings around math.

Don't forget the "Communicative Property":                                                                                

 "Commutative" comes from "commute" or "move around", so the Commutative Property is the one that refers to moving stuff around and the answer remains the same.        For example, 5+2=7 and 2+5=7.

Yours Truly,     Crazy Math Mom

Subtraction Games Tool: 100 chart

Subtraction Games Tool: 1000 chart

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