1st Grade Math
Division Facts

"Division facts" in 1st Grade Math:
*If your child does not have a specific 1st grade math skill below, click on a specific division facts skill for math games and activities to teach your child. Teaching ideas are for busy parents to integrate throughout the day*

Dear Parents,
Okay, so division facts seem very light in 1st grade. Don't be fooled...the concept of division and/or breaking down groups is being formed in the first grade. The main idea you want your child to understand is: if you want to count something quickly you can arrange them into groups and another word for division is "sharing".
To help your child learn division facts, talk about "fair shares". For example, 4 cookies divided between 2 people. How many will each person get?... that is a fair share but 3 cookies divided by 2 that is not a fair share. This is a good place to show your child that 3 is an odd number because you can't share it equally.
OR, a handful of candy broke up into 3 equal groups.

Here some quick ideas for 1st grade math division:
1. Ask your child to explain what sharing means and ask them to share different things. For example, a group of small toys, pennies, crayons, or candy. Opportunities to talk about sharing come up throughout the day, be on the look out for them.

2. Opportunities may arise while your reading with your child. For example, if you are looking at the life cycle of lizards, you might pose the question “If four lizards each laid four eggs, how many eggs would there be?” Many children enjoy answering these types of questions because they view it as a game.

3. If your child is not interested or has trouble when you want to talk about division, do not worry. You can just talk about it without directing any questions to your child. For example, you can say, “ I have 5 cookies for you and your friend to share so you each get 2 and 1 is leftover.” Just hearing the process of making equal groups helps form the concept of division.

Yours Truly,

The Crazy Math Mom

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